3rd Barnehurst - Scouts at Home

Below are some activities that you might like to do at home. There are some Scout Badges that you can complete (see bottom of this page), plus some fun things for you to try. Remember - pretty much everything you try can go towards a badge, just remember to record what you do.

Things to Try and Do!

Please check with a parent/guardian before using any equipment required


We’ve put together some activities that are designed to help young people develop skills, boost their wellbeing, and connect with others.

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Scouts at Home

Activities that Scouts can try at home.

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Build a Website

Why not learn to code? Code Academy offers free coding classes online.

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Watch a TedED

From the makers of TED talks, TedED offers brilliant talks for children for any age group.

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Learn a Language

Try a new language FOR FREE on Duolingo.

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Build a Compass

Using a Needle and Magnet

Click here

Scared Pepper

Move pepper away from you without touching it

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Invisible Ink

Write you own secret message

Click here

Cotton Reel Tank

Build a tank with a cotton reel and rubber band

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Free online games.

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National Geographic Kids

Nat Geo’s dedicated kids section of its website has info, quizzes and downloadable art and craft resources that will keep you occupied for hours on end.

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Minecraft: Education Edition

Both fun and informative, explore the International Space Station with NASA, learn to code with a robot, visit famous landmarks, learn what it’s like to be a marine biologist, and much more. Free to download, available to June 30.

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Free MARVEL Comics

Free Online Comics to read.

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Free Audio Books for Kids

Stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.

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London Virtual Tour

Explore some of London's most stunning sights.

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Get Knotting!

Do you still remember how to tie a Reef Knot? Check out some classic Scout Knots here.

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Scout Activity Badges you can complete at home

Sports Enthusiast Badge

Do you actively follow or have a keen interest in a sport?

Answer the questions on the form (link below) and the badge can be yours...

Click here

Hobbies Badge

1. Take up a hobby or interest that you do not already have an activity badge for.
2. Keep a record of your hobby for at least four months.

Details here

Artist Badge

1. Paint, draw or illustrate each of these: A scene from a story, A person or object, A landscape.
2. Show a selection of your own recent art work.

Details here

Craft Badge

To achieve this badge you need to make or decorate one or more articles using, whenever possible, original design ideas.

Duration: 6 hours

Details here

Astronautics Badge

From building your own sateillite dish to debating whether life exists elsewhere in the universe, your journey into space exploration starts now.

Details here

Photographer Badge

Take an image, freeze a moment, and discover the art of photography.

Details here

Writer Badge

Develop the craft of storytelling through writing. Reach into your imagination and you could be the next Philip Pullman or Cressida Cowell.

Details here

Model Maker Badge

Show your creativity and attention to detail as you become an expert Model Maker.

Details here

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